About Health-E Minds

Health-E Minds is the Ketchum Global Healthcare Practice blog that draws from the expertise of our healthcare marketing practitioners around the world and offers commentary across the healthcare spectrum – from pharmaceuticals to consumer health, to providers and health policy, to devices and diagnostics, to media and marketing trends.
For some, the creation of Health-E Minds may beg the question, “Isn’t there already enough ruminating about healthcare on the Internet? Is there a need for a Ketchum healthcare blog?”

We believe there is.

There is no shortage of healthcare news and information on the Internet and our goal isn’t to just add more.

We, at Ketchum, view the growth of healthcare, the “shrinking” new drug pipeline, price pressures on the healthcare industry, healthcare reform, the emergence of personalized medicine and the challenges of conveying its importance to physicians and payers and delivering it to patients as pieces of an overall healthcare communications challenge to convey to appropriate publics.

Our goal is to present healthcare developments as viewed through the eyes of Ketchum’s healthcare marketing and communications leaders worldwide and to offer insight as to how these advances may best be conveyed.

And now, on to the fine print…

We expect all blog participants to use good judgment and respect the freedom of others to share their opinions. Ketchum reserves the right to review all posts and, in some cases, remove posts that are deemed inappropriate or offensive, if a participant fails to abide by the guidelines stated below. Additionally, we reserve the right to delete successive off-topic posts.

In line with this policy, when posting comments, links or other information on the Ketchum Blog, we ask that you agree to the following guidelines:

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Please note that as a public relations and communications agency, Ketchum works with a variety of public and private companies, NGOs and governments. For public information about Ketchum’s government contracted work, please reference the following resources:

If you have a question or comment about our blogging guidelines, please e-mail us at HealthEMindsEditor@ketchum.com.

About Ketchum’s Global Healthcare Practice

In every major international market, Ketchum’s Healthcare Practice is helping pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, medical associations and medical device manufacturers navigate this complex environment. Our communications programs draw on Ketchum's broad global reach and expertise in media relations, issues management and healthcare marketing and communications, as well as related specialties like consumer health.

Our award-winning campaigns span a range of therapeutic categories, including men's and women's health; infectious diseases; critical care including oncology, pain management, and emergency medicine; and chronic disease including diabetes, asthma, and cardiology.

Although we like to dive deep into the science of healthcare, we also see the big picture, too. As part of that larger healthcare landscape, Ketchum is one of the few agencies that can assemble networks of external influencers from diverse disciplines -- regulators, healthcare services providers and consumers -- to garner insights that provide a valuable outsider's view of our client’s brands.

Ketchum's passion for healthcare issues goes beyond conventional client-agency relationships. Our belief in the urgent need to improve world health is put into action through pro bono services around the globe. For example, Ketchum works with the World Economic Forum's Global Health Initiative to help them combat AIDS, TB, and malaria in developing countries.

Healthcare companies and associations transform lives. Ketchum's deep understanding of this complex industry and global collaborative community ensures that our clients have a strong voice in the worldwide dialogue about healthcare and its power to change people's lives.