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The Next Weight Loss Craze: Treatment Options


To prevent or to treat? That is the new question[[wysiwyg_imageupload:144:]]
in the obesity discussion that focuses on an area of the debate that has remained largely off the table: Treatment. Today’s ubiquitous discussion on obesity is hard to miss for good reason – 60 million adults age 20 and older are overweight and if the rates continue, by 2030, half of U.S. adults will be obese. It is a small wonder that a Google search on obesity yields more than 90 million hits or that each day we read about a new initiative to get people moving, provide health and nutritional information for consumers or exalt the latest way to eat from a generally more svelte country or region. Read full post »

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Seeing Pink? Be Cautious About Clashing Colors with Products


With October now behind us, we say goodbye to
the ribbons and tributes that p[[wysiwyg_imageupload:100:]]aint the town pink and make us all focus on breast cancer, its impact on everyone and the importance of doing what we can do to promote research and identify ways to help people survive.  We have seen the pink and blue and red cause programs for several years now and people are beginning to wonder:  “Does this brand really mean it or are they simply trying to make a sale?” 

Since trends and growing concerns are often given names, the public has turned this question into the accusing term “pinkwashing,” or “redwashing,” or “just the color-of-the-cause” washing.  They all mean the same thing – consumers think that brands are using causes to create affinity and to encourage purchase. Read full post »

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Eating for Health and Wellness 101


When you graduate from high school, there are [[wysiwyg_imageupload:67:]]
a lot of things to think about: test scores, college applications and the best school academically and socially are a few of the topics that come immediately to mind.  There is a long process that consists of writing essays, figuring out how close or how far away to go, what your friends are doing and just determining what is going to make you happy.  What you may not associate with the college decision process is what type of food you are going to eat and how that food meets your health and wellness needs. Read full post »