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Forget an Apple a Day, Today Consumers Want an App a Day

Yes, that’s right. We are in the midst of a [[wysiwyg_imageupload:133:]]
paradigm shift and consumers are now looking to technology for information and personal health and wellness and then looking to physicians and healthcare providers for “second opinions” to validate their personal conclusions.

As the wellbeing movement expands and changes, it presents marketers with more opportunities, and challenges, to reach consumers with health and wellness messages. From what to eat and what to wear, to what to do and what one should do, leading a healthy lifestyle means different things to different populations. And, there are more and more sources and channels where consumers can access information to help them achieve the level of health and wellness they want in their lives. Marketers can be the ultimate resource and work with the latest technology and tools to curate content and intersect with consumers where they are.

To help companies navigate this space, Ketchum’s Well-Connected specialty unveiled findings from Well-th: Ketchum’s Health and Wellness Trend Report, a deep dive into tomorrow’s health and wellness trends and solutions to create strategies that will successfully engage consumers with health and wellness products and messages.

Among the report’s findings, health and wellbeing will continue to be a growing pursuit that the individual, not the healthcare industry or government actions, will drive in 2012 and for the foreseeable future.

 The inaugural Well-th insights report shows:

  • Public shift from a “self-help” to “self-health” mindset. Today’s consumer is actively seeking information on the Internet to diagnose and even treat medical conditions. Physicians are becoming the second step in the health journey; rather than delivering the initial diagnosis, they are confirming or reviewing information patients bring to them. Brands with a health offering have an opportunity to be a trusted resource and engage consumers at the beginning of their wellness pursuits.
  • Instead of an apple a day, it’s now an “app a day” – or 10 a day – as health apps may increase from 9,000 to 13,000 in this year alone, according to MobiHealthNews. From games to useful information tools, brands and wellness organizations can harness the power of mobile and create touch points to deliver valuable messages to consumers whenever and wherever they are in their search for health and wellness information.
  • Social health will be the new frontier as consumers continue moving to social networks and online communities for diagnosis, support, information and treatment recommendations. In this age of “social wellness,” like-minded people are sharing their personal health experiences. Brands can become involved with communities or foster new ones by creating easy and useful spaces for consumers.

The Well-th report will be the first report distributed by Ketchum’s Well-Connected specialty offering and was created in conjunction with Ketchum’s Global Research and Analytics, Ketchum Digital and Now Plus One.