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Olympics 2012 - The Mecca of the Sporting World?


As I write this to you, I am surrounded by fellow [[wysiwyg_imageupload:136:]]
commuters – stressed, squashed and sweaty as we are herded through the 150 year old London Underground system. London transport struggles with an ever increasing commuter population, and, with the London 2012 Olympic Games now underway, the question on everyone’s lips for the months leading up to the Games was ‘how will we cope?

The most prestigious sporting event known to man-kind is gracing my home town and boy don’t we know it…everything is Olympic-themed. The games consume daily news updates and the advertising market is saturated with athlete-endorsed products, plans and provisions. Colleagues gather at the start of each day to discuss the latest Olympics buzz and even pause from the work day to catch a glimpse of the highest contested event, particularly when a Brit is in the running for a medal.

But amongst all of the excitement and festivities, little is being mentioned about the health issues a mass gathering may bestow on our little Island. Read full post »