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Healthcare Creativity, Ketchum

The concept seems oxymoronic, yet creativity can live in the regulated land of healthcare. The challenges are significant and inherent in the culture of the industry.

This special edition of Health-E Minds is dedicated to creativity in healthcare communications. We explore what it means, how we think it has evolved and will continue to over the years, tips from Ketchum colleagues around the network for staying creative in a regulated environment and guidance on how to help yourself and others “get past no” when it comes to championing creative ideas. This is only a starting point, and we enthusiastically welcome contributions to this ongoing conversation.

Participants in this discussion include:
- Alexander Watson, Director, London
- Harry King, Practice Director, London
- Jon Hendl, Senior Vice President, New York
- Diane Johnson, Vice President/Account Supervisor, Washington, D.C.
- Sarah Unger, Managing Account Supervisor, Creative Catalyst, New York
- Chelsea Krepps, Senior Account Executive, Washington, D.C.

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Managing Account Supervisor, Ketchum, Washington, D.C.
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