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What’s in a Name?


Editor’s Note – this post was co-authored by [[wysiwyg_imageupload:125:]]
former Ketchum Pleon London colleague Joanna Birch.

As the glory days of Big Pharma’s monster blockbusters hurtle towards extinction taking billions of dollars, pounds and Euros profit with them, their biosimilars are preparing to pick up the lost market share. While they have invested significant time and money to develop counter attack strategies, there is one very large barrier standing in their way: generics are cheap.

As we well know, the simple truth is that in comparison to branded medications, generics will always win on price. And strategies such as incentivizing physicians in many EU countries to ensure that generics comprise a significant percentage of their prescriptions are now common practice. Read full post »

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PR and Patent Cliffs 2012: Could We Be Seeing the End of “Big Pharma” as We Know It?


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:108:]]As patent cliffs continue to crack and crumble into the sea and send shock waves through big pharma around the world, global healthcare PR strategists continue to train their skilled teams’ eyes and ears on the future trends of big pharma, urgently trying to discern the shape of the new emerging landmass to keep ahead of the game.

Over the next three years, six Big Pharma companies have more than half of their portfolio at risk due to patent expirations.  I’d imagine that this creates anxiety among communications agencies around the world asking what this all means for them and future revenue streams. Should we start prophesying that the end is nigh for “big pharma”? Long-term, can viable business models continue to be sustained around portfolios of products that have such short patent shelf lives? Read full post »