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Breakthroughs in healthcare marketing and communication happen frequently. Healthcare media and marketing will provide you with the most recent news with a focus on the healthcare business. The insight may also be applied to other types of businesses as well. Ketchum’s healthcare leaders discuss a variety of topics ranging from trends online, creativity in healthcare PR, and the science of communications. You can learn about many different trends and discuss them with others in the comments section of the post. Others will be able to respond to your feedback and give you great advice.

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Interview with the Authors: Nancy Hicks and Christina Nicols


Nancy Hicks, SVP and associate director, North America
Healthcare Practice,[[wysiwyg_imageupload:105:height=221,width=151]] and
Christina Nicols, VP and director of Research, Ketchum Washington, D.C., co-authors and editors of a new book entitled Health Industry Communications: New Media, New Methods, New Message sat down with Ketchum Corporate Communications Editor Jeff Lewonczyk to shed some light on the book, what communicators can learn from it, and overall trends in health industry communications.


JEFF: What is the goal of the book? What need does it fulfill, and what audiences is it intended for? Read full post »

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Advertising + Prescription-only Drugs = Legal Minefield


Advertising prescription-only drugs in the EU is a
legal m[[wysiwyg_imageupload:99:]]inefield for drug makers, but for the moment, even in the age of ‘information anywhere’ the strict rules will remain.

This month, the European Commission has been in the headlines with an update relevant for all drug makers, communicators, advertisers and generally anybody responsible for the branding, promotion or distribution of prescription-only drugs across Europe. The update was announced after what appears to have been a review, prompted by proposals that there is increasing interest by patients to have a better understanding of the medicines they take. Read full post »

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Bariatric Surgery: A Right to Be Respected


Brazil is considered the second most important global centre for
bariatric surgery,[[wysiwyg_imageupload:80:]] only behind Unites States. The number of surgeries increased from 16,000 in 2003 to 60,000 in 2010. This impressive growth is due the fact that obesity is a very serious public health problem in Brazil. The official estimate says that 50% of Brazilians are overweight and one in seven people is considered morbid obese. But the other reason is related to the technology for bariatric surgery, which has become more modern and even more advanced. One of the most important improvements in this area is the video laparoscopy, a less invasive method, which is more comfortable and safe for the patient, despite the fact that it’s a little more expensive. Read full post »

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Working to Support Communications in pharmEmerging Markets: What Does the Near Future Hold for Us – Death or Glory?


Having worked for 15 exciting, tough years in the PR agency
worl[[wysiwyg_imageupload:57:]]d supporting Big Pharma global communications in core markets I have felt my heart harden. I have also fashioned for my mind resilient armour that accepts the challenges of change and the breakneck pace of this amazing business environment.  I can see, however, that our next five years look set to be truly turbulent times.

Only proactive and passionate communication leaders who can confidently navigate a clear path through this storm will win.  Our clients are often asked to tighten purse strings. While we are called to work smarter in order to invest in much needed reconnaissance to help us shape new communications strategies and train our teams to meet the changing needs of our clients. Those who do not have an appetite for change may soon find themselves as stuffed exhibits in their local natural history museums.    Read full post »

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Insights on the Power of Social Email Programs


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:43:]]A recent article from had some interesting information about the power of social media and the use of social email programs. Some marketers regularly include some level of customer preference or activity targeting as part of their overall program strategy which is gathered from web forms and preference centers, or by monitoring subscriber web site engagement and purchasing activity. But now, as a result of social media, social sites offer marketers rich new sources of customer preference and activity data.

According to the article, targeted email tops the list of effective marketing tactics. Social email combines preference and activity data from both channels to provide a more comprehensive view of your customers that can be used to target like never before. The three step process to build a social email program is: Read full post »