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Healthcare systems are establishing different methods to treat patients with medical science and technology. With all of the new breakthroughs and ideas, it may be hard to keep up to date on the most recent news.  Ketchum’s healthcare marketing leaders will help you to keep up such as discussing new trends, interesting facts, effects of research, Health IT, and healthcare communication. The posts can be opinions from the author regarding various subjects or even current news. With a wide variety of topics to be talked about, the discussion can be endless among both you and the authors.

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Personalized Medicine Reality Check



One of the challenges of being in the ahead-of-the-curve business of communicating about advances in medical science is that based on publications and specialized conferences it may seem that a concept like personalized medicine is rapidly advancing, but out in practice it may not be progressing at all.  Such is the feeling I got when I read “Genetics, Your Heart and Your Future,” the keynote address by the American College of Cardiology’s CEO, Jack Lewin, MD, at the conference, “New Frontiers in Personalized Medicine: Cardiovascular Research & Clinical Care” held recently at George Washington University. Read full post »

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Weekly Digest: Medicaid, Knee Pain, and Tommy John

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CMS proposes Medicaid payment reductions for provider-preventable conditions

Policy geeks, hold on to your hats: Mike Iarrobino at HCPro reports that a proposed rule posted by CMS on February 16 would allow Medicaid recipients to be eligible for a payment reduction in the cost of treating provider-preventable conditions. This stipulation echoes Medicare’s existing rule for payment reductions in the treatment of hospital-acquired conditions. While this provision is already in place in 21 states, the new rule would make payment reductions for provider-preventable conditions a nationwide phenomenon. The overall concept is nothing new to most Medicaid providers, but CMS’ proposed method of implementation might cause them a little concern. Under the rule, states would have the flexibility to designate additional conditions to qualify for payment reductions, as well as the opportunity to create new restrictions on already-minimal payments. In addition, CMS would allow states to expand payment reduction programs to include outpatient and ambulatory care facilities.

Weight loss improves knee pain from common arthritic condition Read full post »

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Eight-and-a-Half Pounds of Pharmacology?


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:34:]]I just bought the 12th edition of Goodman & Gilman’s Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics.  It weighs eight-and-a-half pounds.  This is the standard textbook of pharmacology and I own all twelve editions as part of my personal library.  When I was taking medical microbiology in college, I asked my professor whether there was any reference book I should be using to supplement the course text.  He immediately said Goodman & Gilman, but noted that the school library didn’t have the current edition, just the two older ones.  So, on my next trip home to New York, I visited the McGraw Hill Technical Book Store (two blocks from where I now work) and purchased the then current, third edition.  After I graduated, I went to work for a medical foundation, and had them buy the fourth edition, then a drug company, that I coaxed to buy the fifth and later the sixth edition. When I started in healthcare public relations, I splurged on the newly-released seventh edition and have bought the others