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Consuming Bugs the Modern Way: Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Synbiotics


Digestive health is a current hot topic, and it is [[wysiwyg_imageupload:118:]]
expected to remain so for the next few years. The role of gaining or maintaining a healthy intestinal microflora (bacteria) is a key factor for digestive health, not to mention the potential impact it has on our overall health. So, the rise in probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics is no surprise and – since this is such a hot topic that affects our everyday lives, balance and general feeling of well-being – people have a greater understanding of the presence and meaning of these “biotics” in their diet.

Oh, wait. That would be in a perfect world. The reality is that this new (actually old) entry into our diets is complex. When people assess their dietary habits, they need simple solutions; identifying and isolating beneficial biotics that work sounds more than a little daunting. As communicators, we have the opportunity to make the garden of microflora simple for all consumers. And that starts with an understanding of the basics. Read full post »