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Counseling on Long-Term Solutions, Not Just Short-Term Metrics


Fifteen years ago, I remember working with the
President of the Medical [[wysiwyg_imageupload:178:]]Society of New Jersey. A cardiologist, he often spoke about the need to have more defibrillators in public places like movie theaters and restaurants to save someone’s life in case of a heart attack. At the time, it was an expensive proposition, but through an aggressive outreach from both Dr. R. Gregory Sachs and his cardiologist colleagues, device companies were able to provide such devices, which are now more prolific than ever.

The effort to make defibrillators readily available massively improved the device companies’ overall reputation and increased understanding of the heart attacks in a way that no leaflet or website could have dreamed possible. People became more focused on knowing what to do, because defibrillators were now within reach. The responsibility to potentially save someone’s life could fall on them. Read full post »