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Healthcare marketing is a growing field with digital and social media being one of the best ways to keep in touch and provide important information to others. It provides people with instant contact and user generated content. One of the best aspects about social media is the ability to view what others are saying and doing instantly.  Ketchum’s healthcare leaders will talk about digital/ issues management in the digital era and the use of social media. One of the great parts of digital and social media is the opportunity to comment on the blog posts and read what other readers and the author have to say about it. This is useful to answering any questions and sharing ideas among others.

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FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee Looks at Social Media to Communicate Risks


As public relations professionals, social media is
part of our daily[[wysiwyg_imageupload:72:]] lives. Whether counseling clients on engaging their fans on their Facebook page or communicating with reporters via Twitter, the possibilities are endless.  And these days there is almost always some degree of social media in everything we propose and execute.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Risk Communications Advisory Committee recently held a meeting  to hear and discuss developments in FDA’s ongoing communications program and specifically to address the use of social media platforms to disseminate information. Read full post »

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Got Web? A Guest Post by Tom Harrison, Chairman and CEO of Omnicom's Diversified Agency Services (DAS)


Perhaps few guidelines have been as eagerly awaited among healthcare  communicators as what the FDA will issue on social media.  Pharma and device companies, while recognizing the importance of this arena, have treaded cautiously, waiting for the FDA to offer guidance on navigating this brave new world.  Since the FDA did not include social media on its recently released 2011 Guidance Agenda, there will not be resolution of these issues anytime soon.  In Tom Harrison’s article that follows below, originally published in MM&M, he advocates that companies must engage in digital marketing and interact with consumers “where they live and breathe.”  His message that companies can no longer wait for guidelines is very timely in light of the FDA’s guideline delays this year. – Nancy Hicks, Senior Vice President, Associate Director, Ketchum North America Healthcare Practice Read full post »

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Wait Not For FDA Social Media Guidelines


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:59:]]Pharma marketers have become quite accustomed to rules, limitations and delays. Adding to this complexity and quandary is the further delay of the FDA social media guidelines. In fact, according to a recent post on John Mack’s Pharma Marketing Blog, it appears that the FDA has dropped social media from its 2011 Guidance Agenda.  But wait not for those guidelines! Successful social media in the pharma and healthcare space simply requires more careful planning with a dose of persistence on initiatives you should be doing already. And if you’re not already doing it, start today! Read full post »

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Insights on the Power of Social Email Programs


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:43:]]A recent article from had some interesting information about the power of social media and the use of social email programs. Some marketers regularly include some level of customer preference or activity targeting as part of their overall program strategy which is gathered from web forms and preference centers, or by monitoring subscriber web site engagement and purchasing activity. But now, as a result of social media, social sites offer marketers rich new sources of customer preference and activity data.

According to the article, targeted email tops the list of effective marketing tactics. Social email combines preference and activity data from both channels to provide a more comprehensive view of your customers that can be used to target like never before. The three step process to build a social email program is: Read full post »

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FDA Delays Social Media Guidelines


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:44:]]More than a year later, we continue to wait and see. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a meeting in November 2009 to discuss the use of social media in the pharmaceuticals/healthcare space. First guidelines were expected to be announced by the end of 2010 and then in the first quarter of 2011. Well now they are delayed again! A recent Pharmalot article reports that “For the second time in four months, the FDA has apparently postponed plans to issue widely anticipated guidance on social media.” Read full post »