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Litigation Floodwaters: Can Congress Actually Help?


Douglas Petkus is an award-winning communications professional with a diverse range of experience in editorial, agency and corporate environments.  He is currently the president of Petkus Communications Consultants, LLC, a public relations consultancy specializing in senior-level communications counsel.  A guest contributor to Health-E Minds, the following post reflects Doug’s perspective on the current state of litigation in the world of pharma, based on his many years of professional experience in this arena. – Nancy Hicks, Senior Vice President, Associate Director, Ketchum North America Healthcare Practice

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Not So Nasty NICE?


Editor’s Note: This post was originally contributed by Alexander Watson’s former London colleague and current Ketchum alum Anna Magee.

The UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has earned international praise for its rigorous approach to developing clinical guidelines. An editorial in a recent issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine details a new set of standards proposed by the American Institute of Medicine (IOM) that ‘trustworthy’ guidelines should meet, and holds NICE’s clinical guideline development process up as a rare example of an approach that comes close to meeting this benchmark.

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History in the Making...or Just History?


Jeff Levine is an award-winning journalist who was the medical correspondent for CNN for 17 years.  He has also worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Byron Dorgan, as Washington bureau chief for WebMD, and as a media specialist at Ketchum.  The following is the third in a series of Jeff’s perspective on the Affordable Care Act, based on his opinions generated during his many years of observing and reporting on these issues. – Nancy Hicks, Senior Vice President, Associate Director, Ketchum North America Healthcare Practice

When Congress passed the Obama Health Plan in
March of[[wysiwyg_imageupload:97:]] 2010, it made history. The question now is will it become history?  As we wait for the Affordable Care Act to reach the Supreme Court for a Constitutional determination, the plan remains a political piñata especially for Congressional Republicans and GOP presidential hopefuls. Read full post »

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New Organ-Sharing Guidelines May Prompt National Conversation


Editor’s Note: This article originally ran on  Click here to see the original post. 

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)
recently released organ  [[wysiwyg_imageupload:92:]] procurement guidelines for public comment that are sure to prompt ethical debate.

In the first overhaul of the system in 25 years, UNOS announced younger, healthier people will be given priority preference for kidneys over older, sicker people.

This is a major change over the previous system which favored patients on a waiting list – first come, first served – irrespective of age or health condition. Read full post »

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Weqaya: Abu Dhabi’s Move to Transform Public Health

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In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where one out [[wysiwyg_imageupload:78:]]
of every five people is diagnosed with diabetes and where cardiovascular disease and obesity plague the population, a group of unlikely allies met to face the challenge head on. Hosted by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the Innovators’ Forum provided a platform for the emirate’s health body and key partners to present their progress in a pioneering program that could be the public health model for countries around the world.

The program, called Weqaya (Prevention in Arabic), is Abu Dhabi’s innovative roadmap for tackling chronic disease. In time, the programme seeks to gather vital data on the health of the full Abu Dhabi community (a population of 2.3m, with around 80% expatriates). To start with, HAAD led the screening of all Emirati adults in Abu Dhabi for cardiovascular disease risk factors, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco use and diabetes.